Sugar and spice

"Lisa Mae, I need you to run over to Miss Davis' house and ask her to borrow a bowl of sugar." "Did you mean a cup momma?" "If I wanted a cup of sugar, I'd be asking for a cup. No, a bowl, a bowl of sugar child, pay attention, I am in no mood.

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Food feud

...he won me over, the first time he cooked for me. After that, I knew he was the one. They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If so, I must be part man.

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Children are…

Children are a blessing... Children are a gift... Children are a blessing... Children are a gift... Children are a pain in my...blessing... Children are a gift... ... This is my mantra until I calm down. Just dumped Thing 2 at daycare after he threw a defcon level 1 fit. Why? He wanted to wear his... Continue Reading →


"Do you enjoy being drenched in the stench of poop all day long? Do you enjoy walks around the block in the wee hours of the morning? Do you enjoy long working hours in a high-decibel environment? If you think sleep is for the weak, that showers are overrated and enjoy being underappreciated, then look... Continue Reading →

The cup and the sponge

She looked at the pile of cups, plates and half-used utensils that she had been ignoring for two days and felt herself die a little. "Am I the only adult with two functioning hands in this house?" she thought. "Doesn't this bother him?" Apparently, her husband could care less and she would, once again, be... Continue Reading →

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