Sugar and spice

Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

“Lisa Mae. Lisa Mae come in here.”

“Yes momma.” Lisa Mae dropped the doll she was playing with and hurried into the kitchen.

“Lisa Mae, I need you to run over to Miss Davis’ house and ask her to borrow a bowl of sugar.”

“Did you mean a cup momma?”

“If I wanted a cup of sugar, I’d be asking for a cup. No, a bowl, a bowl of sugar child, pay attention, I am in no mood. Her highness the Queen, also known as your grandmother, has decided to invite herself over for supper. At least she had the decency to call ahead this time. Mind you, not entirely out of courtesy, but so she could put in her order. Apparently, she’s had a hankering for my sweet potato pie and won’t be at peace until she’s had a slice or four. And I just know if I don’t lace it with sugar the way she likes it, fit to rot her teeth on the spot, I’ll never hear the end of it. She still talks about the time I made those “bland” Christmas cookies. That’s the year I ran out of sugar and had to follow the recipe, remember that?”

“No, momma.”

“No, of course you wouldn’t, you must’ve been, what, two years old at the time. I swear, this woman will be the death of me. I was all relaxed ’til I heard her voice. All I wanted was to cook a simple meal, wash my hair, take a Valium and catch up on my shows. Now I’ve got to be all Susie Homemaker for the rest of the night. And you just know your father is gonna invite her to stay over. That means I won’t have the morning to myself either. Better ask Miss Davis for some eggs too, while you’re there. You know she likes eggs for breakfast, and I won’t have enough after I make the pie. Now where did I put my measuring cup?”

“It’s up there momma.”

“What are you still doing here! Hurry and go get me what I asked for. Your grandma said she’d be here by six, but you know she’ll get here an hour early, just so she can sit and watch me toil away in the kitchen. I swear, I should’ve married an orphan.”

Lisa Mae grabbed the bowl and headed over to Miss Davis’ house. As she skipped along, she made the conscious decision to only marry an orphan or not get married at all.

Picture prompt 30-04-19 challenge:

This was fun. And when inspiration hits, sleep can wait.😁

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