And so it begins…

Getting old. None of us can truly avoid it, although there are many tips and tricks you can use to stave off the visible and mental effects of Father Time on our fragile bodies. I was recently confronted with a situation that made me realize that, in addition to physical excercise, it might also be wise to add some workouts to help strengthen my grey mass that is so clearly, but subtly becoming feeble.

Story time: picture it, Netherlands, 2022. A multi-tasking mom is desperately in search of her phone. She knows it’s in the house, because she used it but minutes ago to capture a beautiful moment. But search as she may, she could not find it here, she could not find it there, she could not find it anywhere.

Now, at first she was not too concerned, you see, for this happens roughly about 5-10 times a day. And in such a case, she lazily consults the magical timekeeper on her wrist, which can make her phone sing out from its current hiding place ‘Come and take me, Here I am baby’.

But alas, on this day, the phone had chosen a hiding spot so well that the magical timekeeper could not sense it, leaving the now utterly frustrated, somewhat angry mom to search for it, the old-fashioned way. And having her husband call her was no help, you see, for the phone was on mute.

After about 15 minutes, with no luck, she remembered there was one last thing she could try. She could consult the all-seeing oracle: Google. So she took her tablet and said, ‘Oh wise one, I beseech you. Please help me find my device, so I can finally continue on my never-ending quest to finish my chores. For I cannot proceed until I have found my precioussss.’ And the great Google delivered. He made the phone sing out loudly, even though she had silenced it. She followed the glorious sound to the kitchen. This perplexed her, because she had searched every cupboard at least ten times during her search. Nope, it was really coming from somewhere in the kitchen. It was in the last place she would have thought to search: the fridge.

Note to self:
From now on, always check fridge first.
Buy a more eye-catching phone case.

So I guess I’ll be checking into the Golden Girls Inn sooner than I thought, unless I do something about my deteriorating brain cells. At least I could laugh about it, until I went to the fridge to get something and my husband snuck up behind me and said, ‘Don’t worry, your phone is on the coffee table’.

I so badly wanted to choose violence 😑

What saved him from a physical demonstration of the wrath that I was envisioning in my head is that the kids were in the room. That and I don’t think I’d make it as a single parent. Then again, he can laugh all he wants. Fact remains that he’s five years my senior, with the grey hairs to prove it, so I get the last laugh.😏

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(Did you get the UB40 reference b.t.w.?)

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