Love at its purest

Smack dab in another insomnia period. So this morning, I wake up around 1 am and immediately know, I’m not going to fall back asleep any time soon. So I go online to do some shopping for when in-person meetings start back. This is my attempt to postpone the inevitable, which is to face the annoying voice that lives in my head. Feeling tired all the time takes a toll on your mental well-being, and I’m just about reaching my limits now. (Don’t worry, I’m seeing a doctor next week to make sure the cause isn’t physical).

Anyway, I’m in my feelings, and I get into it with Brain-me. Words were said, feelings were hurt, tears were shed (I don’t know whose, since we share a body). Bright side, the exhaustion of this mental melee helped me to fall back asleep.

In the morning I wake up, and my first reaction was a big fat sigh. Then I hear my eldest son come into the room, and I brace for impact, cause usually if he does this, he climbs over me to get into bed, and I get a little pee squeezed out of me as he crushes my bladder with his knee. TMI, sorry. Anyway, instead of this, I get a gentle kiss on the cheek and the sweetest ‘Good Morning mama’. Immediately my mood did a polar flip. That one act of love when I needed it most MADE MY DAY!🥺

If it were my youngest who had done this, I still would have appreciated the gesture. But this was my neurodivergent son who did this. Out of the blue. First time ever. And today of all days, when, I needed it most.

I don’t know what I did to deserve you papi, but you are truly a treasure and I am so proud and grateful to be your mama!♥️

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