s-pletives & f-bombs

The young mom had finally put her one-year old son to bed. She reckoned she had about 40 minutes to tidy up and what not before he woke up the first out of many times. She looked at her living room floor. It looked like war had been waged here (a battle of toys to end all battles). Father and son had pulled all the books from the bookcase and toys from the toy bins; everywhere, there were stuffed animals, and lego blocks (which her todd was still too young for, but did his father listen to her? No!).

“Better get to it”, she thought. She grabbed a big empty bin and started scooping up the bigger pieces. Everything was going fine until she took a step backward and stepped on a sharp, clear lego. “SHIPS” (She didn’t actually say ships, of course). The word slipped out before she could press her lips together. Her husband rushed into the room. “Are you o.k.?” he asked.

“Yeah, I just stepped on a stupid lego!”

“You’re lucky the baby didn’t hear you. You know he’s trying to repeat everything we say right?!”

He turned to leave, when a book flew across the room and smacked him right in the back of the head. “FUDGE!” (He didn’t actually say fudge, of course).

“I’m sorry. You were saying?” The evil grin plastered across her face revealed just how sorry she was.

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