5 Things I wish my husband wouldn’t do

I’ll list my top 5 peeves, because if I don’t limit myself, I would fill the internet.

Nr 5 Indirect questioning

He’ll ask the boys something that, in reality, he wants me to answer. Most times I do, sometimes I don’t. Ask me directly, figure it out, or you’d better pray they answer.

Nr 4 Ask stupid questions

Who ever said there are no stupid questions had to have been drunk. There are. I get asked them all the time. Not by my kids.

Nr 3 Help

Certain things, like putting away the dishes. Putting away the groceries. Tasks that require planning or organisational skills. I generally end up having to redo half of it, but I guess it’s still better than no help at all.

Nr 2 Breathe

No, I’m just kidding. Except when I’m mad at him, or when he snores, then I’m only sort of kidding.😈

Nr 1 Not get up when his alarms go off

Why must I suffer because of his laziness? You know how much fitter I could wake up if he didn’t rob me of those last 30 minutes before my alarm goes off.😤 Snoozing 10 times? Seriously?! It’s not good to wake up to evil thoughts, that’s all I’m saying.

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