Children are…

Children are a blessing…

Children are a gift…

Children are a blessing…

Children are a gift…

Children are a pain in my…blessing…

Children are a gift…

This is my mantra until I calm down. Just dumped Thing 2 at daycare after he threw a defcon level 1 fit. Why? He wanted to wear his pyjamas to daycare. Things escalated quickly and pretty much stayed elevated even after I had handed him over to the terrified intern. He’s your problem for the next 8 hours. Byeeeee.

The thought of giving in, just this once, was very, very enticing. But I know this child. Give him an inch, and he’ll take a foot and a half, and the next time, hohoho, next time there won’t be a defcon level to measure the type of kaka that he would rain down on me.

It’s o.k. I’m used to being the bad cop in the family. But it’s exhausting having to deal with that level of {insert kid-friendly expletives here} before I’ve even had breakfast, and unfair that Dad, lucky so_and_so, is already at work, free from all the morning drama. But it’s o.k. It’s OK, because I’ve got the mom-balls to pull it off. And my trusted ear plugs. Never engage a p-ed off toddler without them.

I’d be deaf otherwise.

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