The cleaning shrew

He woke up with a startle and was instantly put into a foul mood. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep next to her, but she had that effect on him. As he looked around the room, his anger grew. She had done it again. Nothing was where he had left it. All the papers that had been on the floor, in a very specific order, were gone. The clothes he had taken off when they’d gotten home, were not by the door where he had put them. And how did she expect him to clean up after himself if she kept putting away his vacuum cleaner.  The snack he was saving for tonight, under the couch, probably in the trash by now. Oh, and how was he supposed to call Nadia and confirm their playdate if his phone was so high up on the bookshelf?!

Mom-intuition woke her up just as her son, who was muttering to himself in his angry toddler-speak, was about to climb onto the bookshelf to get his baby phone. Nap time was over. *Sigh.*

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