Through rain an’ wind an’ weather

Back in June I won a smart watch, and this lucky event gave me the much needed jolt to kickstart my baby-weight loss journey. Certain things fizzled out pretty quickly, like keeping a food journal, and tracking my water intake and sleep patterns. But the bike riding continued, and so did the weight loss.

In just 6 months, I’ve lost just a little over 10 kg. That’s not impressive speed-wise; there’s been a couple of times that my stress eating got the better of me and the scale went up instead of down. However, I’ve amazed myself at the level of commitment I’ve shown to my food and biking regiment, all for a weight loss journey that I wasn’t even planning on beginning this year.

People, I am so committed to reaching my target weight (and maintain it) that I biked in sub-zero degree weather…and snow😐

It doesn’t snow often in the Netherlands, but when it does…

Once I even biked without gloves! Here’s how that happened. Thing 2, my ray of sunshine in the morning, *cough* NOT *cough*, was in a particularly bright mood one day. I would have left in my ear plugs if I’d slept with any the night before ( I now have a stash so I never run out…ever again!) After extensive bargaining, threatening, pleading, I’d failed in every attempt to improve his mood. So there I am, super late from wrestling him into clothes and shoes and his coat, I finally get him and his brother strapped into the bike seats, when I realize my gloves aren’t in my coat pocket. They…are…on…the kitchen counter.

…a little frostbite was exactly what I needed to complete my little circle of hell...

It had snowed a few days before. The snow had started to melt, so it was safe to make the 15 minute bike ride without fear of slipping off the road and falling in a freezing ditch along the way, but it was still really cold. 3 °C, but like real-feel -2°C. I really, really needed those gloves, but getting them would have involved me unstrapping my unreasonable toddler from his bike seat, and taking him back inside to get the gloves, then taking him back out and trying to strap him in again.

Eyes shooting daggers. And this was when the weather was nice!

Remembering the level of cooperation he had just given me (also in the minus) I opted to risk losing a couple of digits to the cold, rather than subject myself to another demonstration of his impressively loud lung-horns. I was already mega late and had a splitting headache, a little frostbite was exactly what I needed to complete my little circle of hell. Laissez les mal temps rouler.

Well thankfully nothing dramatic happened; I am using all 10 fingers to type today’s blog.🖑🖐 Since then I make sure to double check my pockets before locking the door, because the only thing I am willing to shed off my body is fat, lol.

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