Poem 1

My solitude

My silence

My passion

My pain

The effort alone it takes to regain

The level of quiet is insane

I can’t stand it…

Most days

I tell my brain it needs to shut up

Stop dwelling on all the ways I messed up



The day before that

It’s useless

I’m just losing sleep, and for what?!

Move on


Is this the life you want to live?

If so, you’ve got to…

Befriend the solitude

Deafen the silence

Embrace the pain and passion

Even though this

May seem too much to bear

No one else will care

As much as you do

Boo, remember

To love you

If you can love others

You can love yourself

Bottle up Negativity

Put it on a shelf

And forget about it, it’s history

The only mystery left to solve is…

How to get a happy ending to my story…

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